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About Us

Moto Aid Services (M) Sdn Bhd (Moto Aid Malaysia) is Malaysia’s most comprehensive 24 hour motorcycle –aid service provider.  It is highly regarded as the nation’s best trained, professional and trusted   motorcycle aid service provider. IT FOCUSES ONLY ON BIKERS!  More than just a corporate company, it is run by bikers for bikers.

Being a truly 100% MALAYSIAN INITIATIVE it is proud to serve nation’s biking community. Currently catering to bikers travelling within Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.  it is aggressive in an expansion process.

Based in the heart of the Klang Valley, MOTO AID strives to respond to its members’ needs efficiently and assure the highest quality service. Having pushed the odd bike or two ourselves, the founding members of MOTO AID, have certainly a pretty good understanding of what’s it like when there is no one around to lend a helping hand  with your highly prized machines during accidents or a breakdown.

On hand in emergencies
In times of  an emergency , when you need someone you can trust who would care for your bike as if  it was their own, MOTO AID SERVICES is here for you.

Peace of mind
Reassurance is one thing, the other is the feeling of confidence; that your bike will be safely and securely collected, transported and delivered. Understanding that, MOTO AID runs a team- training module like no other.

Training is the corner stone in achieving supremacy in quality service. Every single one of our staff and assistant handlers are equipped with the knowledge and the very skill needed to excel in his daily routines.

Efficiency is everything to us. Being safe and ensuring that our assets are always in good condition before being put into service on the roads. This is to ensure quality service to our clients.

Whatever the situation
MOTO AID SERVICES is able to transport vehicles from the scene of break down, accident or just out of fuel occurrences, to a nominated address, repairer or to our secured storage facility.

Customer Response Centre:
Moto Aid’s  fleet of support vehicles are made out of Super carriers,  Urban Response Vehicles (URU) and Fast Response Vehicles (FRU),  is currently the  largest , most comprehensive and the only,  fully dedicated Motorcycle Aid service provider in the country. We have more dedicated patrol units per member than any other breakdown services in Malaysia- all skilled and ready to assist.

Powered from a call centre in Kuala Lumpur, we are dedicated to serve the motorcycle industry with quality services.

Our staffs  have proven experience and training that has allowed them to gain the approval of the motorcycle community and motorcycle shops.