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Executive Membership

Why should I become a MOTO AID Member?

1. Someone to assist you during breakdowns, anywhere within Peninsular Malaysia.
2. Someone looking out for you and your pillion, on a 24 hour basis, 365 days a year
3. Someone trained to handle your bikes
4. A known fixed charge for towing within Peninsular Malaysia .

Executive Membership
+ 24-Hour Breakdown Assistance
+ Unlimited Free towing in the Free Breakdown Zones
+ Executive rates for Outside Breakdown Zones
+ Vehicle Inspection+ Technical Advice on Motorcycles
+ Panel Workshop Accident Claims
+ Bike Rentals + Riding Licence / Road Tax Renewal
+ Executive Rates: Motorcycling Magazine
+ Executive Motorcycle Spa / Wash Packages
+ Executive package for Creative Makeovers
+ Executive Events
+ Executive Travel Privileges
+ Executive Discounts at selected Service and Merchandise Outlets

+ Executive Personal Accident Coverage
An FBZ is a 30km radius zone from point A (pick up point) to point B within Peninsular Malaysia. The EXEC package offers unlimited FBZ towings within a year. This applies to immobilize vehicles only. Motoaid Malaysia’s definition of an` immobilized vehicle’ is of a vehicle that cannot move, function or work as a normal motorcycle or powered by its own; to move or function. Here in cases where deliberate ill maintenance of a machine is found, Motoaid has the right not to serve calls of that nature. For example, if a vehicle that is owned by a card member is left for a long period of time or left for a period of time which renders the machine immobilized, Motoaid Malaysia has the right not to serve. Vehicles that are found to be immobilized but owned by a card member before the date of membership activation will not be served. Request to tow a machine that is functioning or having found that the act of towing in that particular instance will cause harm or in cases where acts by the caller or owner of the machine is or are found to be abusive; verbally or physically to a normal user, will also give Motoaid Malaysia the right not to serve. Subsequent kilometers after the FBZ will be charged RM1.50/km to destination. Motoaid will fulfill its duty towards calls by sending in suitable units to fit the job description every time an rescue is activated however, refusal to use our services or its assets at the time of arrival will give Motoaid the right to render that particular service chargeable.

Please note that Moto Aid’s services covers only pickups and deliveries along or within government gazetted roads within Peninsular Malaysia. For pickups and deliveries involving Malaysian’s Highlands ie: cameron highlands. genting highlands. fraser’s hill . bukit bendera, gunung jerai, maxwell hill etc, additional charges applies. At times, sufficient lead time would be required for transfers involving more than a hundred kilometers from pickup point.