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Rules & Regulations

  1. Moto Aid memberships are only applicable to private motorcycle owners. Commercially registered vehicles (such as lorry, truck, van, taxi, wagon, etc.) are not eligible to apply for MOTO AID memberships. MOTO AID reserves the rights to refuse towing of such commercial vehicles.
  2. Renewal notices will be sent to members (Standard, Deluxe, Executive and VIP membership) before the expiry date of the membership. If payment due is not received by the membership expiry date, MOTO AID will not be able to render breakdown assistance and other privileges to the members concerned.
  3. All vehicles registered by owners who would like to be members of Moto Aid’s privileged cards must be in good running condition prior and acceptable by the service provider.

STANDARD / DELUXE / EXECUTIVE / VIP Member In the event that the member fails to renew his/her membership within three (03) months after the expiry date, he/she will cease to be a member. To reinstate as member and to enjoy the benefits and services, he/she must pay the entrance and annual fees.

Renewal of MOTO AID membership can be done / renewed : 1)  at any MOTO AID offices or Panel outlets  2) Via Online Registration at or 3) Members can just mail / email it to: or to  MOTO AID SERVICES (M) SDN. BHD., D109, BLOCK D KELANA SQUARE, JALAN SS7/26 KELANA JAYA, 47301 SELANGOR DARUL EHSAN, and it will undergo a review process before further action taken by Moto Aid to process your applications.

For credit and charge card holders, you may ask our telemarketing unit.03-20969101/ 03-20969103 (f) and provide us with your card details and contacts. Kindly look us up at / facebook: MOTO AID,   to view the list of internet banking facilities and branches available for renewals.

All calls for assistance by members will be attended to within the fastest time possible except in cases of fatal accidents (whereby only authorities like the Police, JPJ and Spad can attend to) and natural disasters like fire, flood, landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis and such. Police report making and other assistance during accidents apart from actual towing of vehicles are optional services. Moto Aid reserves the rights to render its services to non-members and will not be responsible for personal injuries or damages caused to anyone or anything at any time during its rescue operations. Moto Aid offers a Peninsular Malaysia wide coverage to its members and towing services in neighbouring countries are extended services offered on a case to case basic and are chargeable by the service operator.

  1. Transfers of Membership: Standard, Deluxe, Executive and VIP Memberships are strictly prohibited, from one member to another and from one vehicle to another. However, in case of existing vehicle no longer owned by the registered member with MOTO AID, a processing fee of RM20 per card is chargeable for transferring existing card to a new vehicle for the remainder of the membership’s validity.
  2. Cancellation: No entrance fee or proportionate part of the annual fee shall be refunded upon cancellation of membership. (Without any exceptions).
  3. Loss of Membership cards: Application for replacement of membership cards can be made at any of the MOTO AID offices at RM20.00 per Standard / Deluxe card, RM30.00 per Exec card and RM40.00 per VIP cards respectively. You may also write in to request for replacement along with your payment of requisition.
  4. Conversion of MOTO AID membership: Conversion of membership to other categories of MOTO AID membership can only be done at the time of renewal. A fee of RM 25.00 will be imposed per conversion.
  5. Activation period: New applicants and renewal of expired members are subject to a 48-hour activation period. During this period, the member will be entitled to as privileges of the card except for towing and breakdown services.