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MOTO AID is capable of transporting:
BIKES – Motorcycles – Motorbikes – Scooters – Mopeds – Side-cars – Trikes – Dirt Bikes – Quads – Jet Skis – Trailers – ATV’s – Ride on Mowers  + other biking accessories

+ 24 Hour Call center
+ Travel planning   (MOTO ROOMS)
+ Motorcycle accessories retailing  + Makeovers + Detailing (MOTO MALL)
+ Convoy support
+ Road Tax and Insurance renewals
+ Inter factory transfers (bulk deliveries)
+ Puspakom inspection services
+ Police report making assistance
+ Ambulance notification
+ Accident and insurance claim services
+ Repairs at our Panel Workshops
+ Convoy support
+ Event support
+ Anywhere within Peninsular Malaysia

Bikes are collected from members on request and delivered to the dealer’s workshops for service, damage repair, and insurance assessment or warranty requirements.

Convoy Support: Being riders ourselves  and coupled with the love for travelling in large numbers, our team developed specially designed trucks to assist convoys

Rally / Track Day / Event Support: Moto Aid’s trucks are ever ready to transport and support your racing machines to any track within Peninsular Malaysia.

Moto Aid also caters to the delivery of motorcycles during events, trade shows, exhibitions, shopping centre promotions and photo shoots.

Professional Motorcycle Towing:
All vehicles in need are towed using purpose-built and specially designed MOTO AID Super carriers (Special Tow trucks ) ;  Urban Response Vehicles (URU) : specially modified  trucks , motorcycle trailers, closed body vans and  and  Fast Response Vehicles (FRU) : fully accessorised motorcycle units that will provide rapid responses to a member in need.  Linked to numerous nationwide ambulance services, Moto Aid readily assists its members in times of need.

Crash Recovery:
Moto Aid has developed ways to safely move and tow your motorcycle when it can no longer roll on its own.  During accidents, Moto Aid will tow members’ vehicles to its panel workshops for insurance claims and repairs.